pay equity stories

Pay equity stories: Mel’s story

By Melissa Schwalger 24 January, 2018

“I think people see us as just performing our natural womanly instinct to care and nurture. There is a common perception that ECE is not ‘proper teaching’; that it’s just glorified child minding. I get that reaction all the time to my job and it drives me crazy. I worked my butt off to educate myself on all that theory and pedagogy. But after four years and two degrees in a BA/BTeach I graduated into a marketplace that deemed me worth the same as a data entry operator or a mail room clerk.”

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Jacoline, Maryann, Mel

Pay equity stories: Maryann’s story

By Melissa Schwalger 16 January, 2018

“I love my job.  I love seeing the children I work with achieve their goals and develop and grow. My goal is to see Support Staff and particularly TAs paid a fair wage for the work they do.”

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