The cost of “free” education

By Guest Author 9 November, 2017

A parent looks at the true cost of education in our state-funded primary schools.

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Students and teacher Rachel Foster delight in their e-portfolios

 The best and best of e-Portfolios

By Diana Clement 12 July, 2016

Above: Students and teacher Rachel Foster at City Kids in Wellington delight in their e-portfolios Software such as Blogger from Google, Microsoft’s Sway and smaller e-portfolio suites such as Storypark,…

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Folded paper boats

Give peace a chance

By Melissa Schwalger 12 July, 2016

  Principals are great people managers. Good leaders have the support and trust of whānau and their working relationships with boards and staff are positive. But good relationships take time…

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Letters to the Editor

By Jane Blaikie 18 April, 2016

The wealth of experience Every year, NZEI Te Riu Roa sees a number of its members retire from the  educaton service. They take with them a wealth of knowledge, experience…

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Is STA a glove puppet?

By Jane Blaikie 16 February, 2016

It’s hard to fathom why the New Zealand School Trustees Association would write a submission opposing a bill that would extend paid parental leave to 26 weeks. Not even business lobby groups are…

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Sign up for captioning – here's why

By Jane Blaikie 11 November, 2015

The parent of a nine-year-old child who is deaf is promoting the benefits of TV captioning for all children. This funny video explains why. Helen MacKay is asking for signatures…

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Bringing parents into the digital age

By Melissa Schwalger 24 September, 2015

In the early eighties, my primary school had about five computers, producing screens of green or orange text. They cost about $5000 each and although they were in a heavily…

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Yes – let's talk!

By Michelle Nixon 14 July, 2015

Educators want to talk to parents. Parents want to talk to us. NZEI activists share their advice on how to get the communication right. Share this information with parents. It’s…

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Talk the good talk

By EA Staff 7 January, 2013

In the 21st century educators need to become professional communicators. Case in point was the Auckland teacher who fired a quick email to parents asking what they thought were the…

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From the ground up

By Jenny Davies 27 October, 2012

Key points Pasifika families are thriving on a new project that trains parents to be home-based early childhood educators.The Wellington Kindergarten Association project enables Pasifika parents to keep their children…

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