Modern Learning Environments

In defence of the 'school' in MLEs

By Dr Kirsten Locke 20 April, 2016

The notion of school as a place of learning that is time-bound and situated in a geographically defined space is challenged by virtual learning spaces that can be accessed anywhere,…

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Everybody wants success in education like the Asian power-houses, except the Asian power-houses

By Jane Blaikie 11 January, 2016

Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, and Shanghai have some of the world’s highest ranked education systems – so why are they undergoing drastic reform? Those who remember Yong Zhao from NZEI’s…

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Modern learning environments

By Diana Clement 20 January, 2015

They’re all the rage “you know”: modern learning environments (MLEs), that is. But are the benefits proven or unproven? Is the MLE a modern-day version of the Emperor’s New Clothes?…

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Christchurch – down but not out

By Michelle Nixon 18 July, 2013

But that doesn’t seem to have figured in Education Minister Hekia Parata’s decision to cut off life support for at least a dozen communities, and there are fears it will…

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Don't fence them in

By Sarah Jones 27 October, 2012

[g1_row type=”default” color=”none” background_repeat=”repeat” background_position=”center top” background_attachment=”static” background_scroll=”none” padding_bottom=”3rem” padding_top=”4.5rem”] [g1_1of1] Key points Open-plan learning spaces, with the pedagogy to match, are driving learning innovation in New Zealand schools. The…

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Support staff exemplar

By Michelle Nixon 27 October, 2012

An innovative Auckland school has integrated support staff into the heart of its working life. Robyn Claxton talks to Michelle Nixon. Robyn Claxton loves her job as database manager at…

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