Initial teacher education

PORSE the winner in nanny intern programme

By Melissa Schwalger 5 May, 2016

It looks like PORSE (owned by Evolve Education) is onto a real money-making winner with its nanny intern course. According to its media release and website, young women (they’re invariably…

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More summer reading

By Jane Blaikie 9 February, 2016

Teachers quit from stress, digital MOOC, and China adds more art to the curriculum: the NZEI Te Riu Roa Information Centre offers recent education highlights from around the world, along with…

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Smart practice with BTs

By Jane Blaikie 21 January, 2016

New teacher Melinda Clow speaks highly of the BT programme at Kauri Park. She came late to teaching, and even with a mother who had taught for 40 years, wasn’t…

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Mentoring in early childhood education

By Charmaine Thomson 15 January, 2016

There is much research that validates mentoring and leadership as key for ECE professionals. But structurally speaking, it’s easier said than done in a sector beset by underfunding. How, in…

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New Australian teachers face literacy & numeracy tests

By Jane Blaikie 1 December, 2015

New Australian teachers have a new hurdle to jump before they enter the classroom. Graduates will face mandatory literacy and numeracy testing after they complete their degrees, and before they enter…

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The Politics of Education

By Jane Blaikie 24 November, 2015

Education is now so politically complicated that student teachers are being offered a summer school paper in it. The Politics of Education is being offered by the University of Canterbury…

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A bad case of spring fever

By Jane Blaikie 1 October, 2015

Reinforcements for the GERM (the global education reform movement) aka charter schools, privatisation, deregulation and high-stakes testing are coming to town. From October 15-17, Teach First NZ and Teach for…

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BTs miss out on money-go-round

By Jane Blaikie 1 October, 2015

Market failure that is severely affecting beginning teachers isn’t being helped by hundreds of thousands of dollars being thrown at the wrong solution. In primary, new graduates find a brutal…

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BTs bear the brunt of market failure

By Jane Blaikie 14 July, 2015

How does the brutal situation facing beginning teachers square with the stated aim of lifting teacher quality? A shortage of teachers may be looming in secondary schools, especially in maths…

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Is the future post-graduate?

By Michelle Nixon 26 October, 2013

In June the government called for tenders for new initial teacher education qualifications – “exemplary” qualifications to be delivered in partnership with schools. There are two rounds with funding for…

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