Investing in Educational Success

There is a better way

By Jane Blaikie 14 July, 2015

The Joint Initiative is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to boost the New Zealand education system. Will the Minister of Education give the go-ahead or will the government persist with its ideological…

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Educators dig deep on Joint Initiative

By Jane Blaikie 30 April, 2015

Hundreds, if not thousands, of teachers, principals and support staff are offering the government a leg up on its failing education policies. “We’ve had too many initiatives to go and…

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Victory comes from standing strong

By Jane Blaikie 20 January, 2015

Members ended last year on a high, thanks to a new agreement with the Ministry of Education prompted by a firm rejection of the flawed Investing in Educational Success scheme.…

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IES: we already have clusters

By Michelle Nixon 7 October, 2014

Pinehaven School principal Kaylene Macnee says there’s not a lot of support necessary to have cluster group meetings. “It’s just the will, if you’ve got something there to model it…

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But we already have clusters

By Michelle Nixon 29 September, 2014

Teachers have given an overwhelming No Confidence vote to the government’s proposed Investing in Educational Success policy, which is a GERM version of what many already practise. They say the…

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Investing in educational control

By Jane Blaikie 16 July, 2014

The National Party’s obsession with data and targets has lead to its proposed IES policy at the expense of child-centred learning. Michelle Nixon reports In January the government trumpeted what…

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