Charter Schools

$27,425 for an SUV? Really?

By Jane Blaikie 6 October, 2016

As ECE and state schools grapple with under-funding , charter schools seem awash with cash. Their trusts are accumulating millions in assets and admin payments are through the roof. Charter…

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By speaking out, teachers defend children

By Jane Blaikie 10 August, 2016

Good morning David I was saddened to hear your smarty-pants sound-bite response to a serious education issue when you spoke to RNZ this morning. As a parliamentarian, you should display…

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EA’s latest news stories

By Jane Blaikie 18 April, 2016

Field staff win out By sticking together and staying strong, Ministry of Education Field Staff members have won a better collective agreement. Field staff work in a number of roles…

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A round-up of great stories from the Info Centre

By Jane Blaikie 17 March, 2016

Hot from the NZEI Te Riu Roa Infomation centre, some great new reading: Is inclusion really worth it? – this blog post poses the question: is all the effort made by…

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By the time your school's budget has been halved it will be too late

By Jane Blaikie 5 February, 2016

By the time your school’s budget has been halved (and the missing money has gone to the charter school round the corner) it will be too late to complain. Early…

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Free-for-all on public money meant for education

By Jane Blaikie 29 January, 2016

It seems right that last week it was announced NZ is more corrupt than we used to be. It’s easy to become hardened to the way things are changing. Disruption is…

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Everybody wants success in education like the Asian power-houses, except the Asian power-houses

By Jane Blaikie 11 January, 2016

Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, and Shanghai have some of the world’s highest ranked education systems – so why are they undergoing drastic reform? Those who remember Yong Zhao from NZEI’s…

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From the odd to the enigmatic – who wants to run a charter school?

By Melissa Schwalger 6 November, 2015

Twenty-one organisations are vying for just two charter school licenses, so competition will be fierce. Destiny Church, which has dipped out in previous rounds, doesn’t appear to be on the…

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Charter schools: who is Marc Holtzman?

By John McRae 13 October, 2015

Labour’s problems around charter schools (two MPs recently attended a fundraiser for a Trust that runs one, even though it banked $2.4 million surplus in July) have demonstrated the effectiveness…

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Education Inc. How money and politics are changing schools in the US

By Debra Harrington 12 October, 2015

“All I got to do is pass this test, you don’t teach me much but that’s ok, I’ll learn what I need another day,” sing the children. And so begins…

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