National Standards’ dumping makes world news

NZEI Te Riu Roa has made headlines across the world for dumping National Standards.

In a win for resistance, Education International says  educator unions around the world are celebrating as part of the ongoing fight against the Global Education Reform.

The report says opposition by the New Zealand teacher union to the standards, which were having negative effects on children’s learning and teaching, finally culminated in the them being dumped this month by the new Labour-led Government.

Around the world there has been successful oppostion to the privatisation and commercialisation of public schooling, the high-stakes testing which were part of that, and the creation of league tables resulting in pitting schools against each other.  At the same time, children’s learning was not improving in New Zealand.

“These National Standards were introduced in 2008 by a Conservative government with little or no consultation with teachers or the teacher unions, a retrograde and foolish policy move, given the more common partnership approach historically to policy development in this small nation state and the centrality of teachers to the success of any policy implementation.”

NZ educationalist Martin Thrupp is also mentioned,  as is his new book, The Search for Better Educational Standards: A Cautionary Tale (Springer, 2017), which outlines how the flawed policy was developed and implemented.

Ed note: There will be a review of The Search for Better Educational Standards: A Cautionary Tale in the next issue of Education Aotearoa.