Reading together pulled apart?  

By Jane Blaikie 19 January, 2016

[g1_quote hide_author_image=”none” author_description_format=”%link%” align=”left” size=”s” style=”solid” template=”01″] Meaningful parental involvement with children’s activities and interests is the most critical factor in their children’s development. [/g1_quote] A reading initiative described as…

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The TRCC celebrates 70 years

By Jane Blaikie 19 January, 2016

A cherished institution in the education landscape, the Teachers Refresher Course Committee (TRCC) celebrated its 70th birthday in December. Speakers reflected on a successful past and looked to the future…

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MLE's under fire

By Jane Blaikie 2 December, 2015

Radio New Zealand reports this morning on parental concerns about modern learning environments. It seems some parents are shifting their children from these schools, which offer team teaching in large spaces, because they…

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The Politics of Education

By Jane Blaikie 24 November, 2015

Education is now so politically complicated that student teachers are being offered a summer school paper in it. The Politics of Education is being offered by the University of Canterbury…

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New research shows flaws in National Standards

By Jane Blaikie 17 November, 2015

Research from the US and Denmark shows that delaying a child’s first day of school for a year reduces the chances of hyperactivity and inattention, meaning children do better at school.…

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Ed Act Review farce

By Jane Blaikie 11 November, 2015

The consultation phase of the Education Act Review is either highly cynical or a snub to the profession. I was shocked to return from a month away from the news-cycle to…

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Behind the education reform money trail

By Louise Green 16 October, 2015

To find the true spirit and intent behind an organisation, it can be enlightening to follow the money trail.  And with Teach for All devotees from 35 countries descending on…

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The revolution will be screened

By Jane Blaikie 3 October, 2015

Have your say on digital technologies in the NZ Curriculum [g1_row color=”dark-light” background_color=”#63cabf” background_repeat=”repeat” background_position=”center center” background_attachment=”static” padding_top=”20″ padding_bottom=”20″ mobile_padding_top=”10″ mobile_padding_bottom=”10″ type=”default”] [g1_1of1 valign=”top” color=”dark-light” background_repeat=”no-repeat” background_position=”center top” background_attachment=”static” background_scroll=”none”…

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Talk Korero Talk

By EA Staff 1 October, 2015

Institute of Professional Learning literacy facilitators Sandy Harrop and Lyn Pascoe realised, when in schools, that children aged five were arriving at school with insufficient school-useful vocabulary to allow them…

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Conversational classrooms

By Jannie van Hees 1 October, 2015

You might have discussed in recent times with your teaching and educational colleagues, or with your students’ family members, or with your contacts in the community, a concern about the…

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