We’re not going to take it any more!

By Kate Drury 27 October, 2017

Teachers are seeking a big pay jolt and more time to teach in next year’s primary campaign.

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Teachers need to live here too

By Kate Drury 27 October, 2017

It is a problem all over the world in cities that are expensive to live in. Public servants, including teachers, struggle to live in the place where they work. The soaring cost of housing in some of New Zealand’s most expensive towns and cities, has led some schools to come up with some creative solutions.

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The growing role of SENCOs and why it needs resourcing

By Debra Harrington 27 September, 2016

Carterton School parent Jayne Bryant has spent years tracking through the difficult and complex pathway of special education. Her son Liam, who’s now seven, suffers from epilepsy and is on…

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Trusts front on BYOD as sharks circle

By Diana Clement 27 September, 2016

Daryl Evans works with families in South Auckland and says vulnerable families are being driven into the clutches of mobile shops, which charge exorbitant prices. “I did a price comparison…

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Is STA a glove puppet?

By Jane Blaikie 16 February, 2016

It’s hard to fathom why the New Zealand School Trustees Association would write a submission opposing a bill that would extend paid parental leave to 26 weeks. Not even business lobby groups are…

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A tale of two fairs

By Jane Blaikie 19 January, 2016

The government is expected to announce this year changes to how schools are funded. Currently decile funding is meant to compensate for inequity. But as the tale of these two…

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Behind the education reform money trail

By Louise Green 16 October, 2015

To find the true spirit and intent behind an organisation, it can be enlightening to follow the money trail.  And with Teach for All devotees from 35 countries descending on…

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Bringing parents into the digital age

By Melissa Schwalger 24 September, 2015

In the early eighties, my primary school had about five computers, producing screens of green or orange text. They cost about $5000 each and although they were in a heavily…

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Innovative Communities of Learning set to get a boost

By Melissa Schwalger 28 August, 2015

All around New Zealand, schools and early childhood centres are working together in inspiring ways. Whether it’s a rural group of schools making huge leaps in ICT or a town-wide…

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The flipped classroom

By Diana Clement 6 October, 2014

Diana Clement looks at the phenomenon that’s, well, turning classroom practice on its head. Key points A new way of teaching that uses technology to reverse the usual order of…

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