Learning on the move

By Sarah Jones 14 April, 2010

New Zealanders love their mobile phones, and our phones are getting more sophisticated. This year telcos are expected to hotly promote data services and broadband for mobiles, as networks become…

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"I would have been declared a bit of a loser" Margaret Mahy

By Jane Blaikie 14 April, 2010

“I think you have to be very careful – partly because of my own experience as a child. When I was in primary school I was sometimes in very low…

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Opinion: education, investment, productivity

By EA Staff 7 April, 2010

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there was a young boy who stumbled into the study of economics. He found his venture into the field far…

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Equity in the NZ system

By EA Staff 30 January, 2010

Bishop, Sullivan and Berryman have taken on a challenge that has eluded many before them—raising achievement and reducing disparity for Maori. Their passion for the underdog is obvious. They draw…

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PRTs suffer the ups and downs

By Jane Blaikie 29 January, 2010

Liam Rutherford says some PRTs (provisionally registered teachers) are too frightened of rocking the boat to ask for support in their schools, and mentoring programmes vary a lot I’m coming…

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National Standards

By EA Staff 29 January, 2010

The government’s literacy and numeracy crusade in the form of national standards has been portrayed as the most important educational initiative for the past 20 years. Maybe it is—but more…

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