Breathing new life into the curriculum

By Kate Drury 10 November, 2017

When the new Labour-led government announced the end of National Standards this month, there were cheers around the country from teachers, principals and parents.

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Ministry of Education | TPLT

A day in the life of a TPLT in-school support facilitator

By EA Staff 30 October, 2017

Janelle Wood takes us through a typical day in her role as a TPLT facilitator. TPLT supports existing and new teachers of languages apply pedagogy that has a real and positive impact on student learning.

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In the footsteps of Beeby

By Melissa Schwalger 27 July, 2017

It’s only fair and proper, so to speak, to fund state schools fairly and properly. Why is that? Professor John O’Neill of Massey University investigates.

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Keep learning alive with art and music  

By Diana Clement 1 October, 2015

Dance, drama, music and visual arts – are all important for engaging learners. They also boost learning in literacy, numeracy, critical thinking and problem-solving. Yet the arts are being squeezed,…

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3Rs + C for coding?

By Diana Clement 14 July, 2015

Should we or shouldn’t we teach computer coding in schools? The curriculum is cramped as it is. But there is a growing belief that the 3Rs need to be supplemented…

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Unchartered waters

By Michelle Nixon 6 April, 2013

The original charter schools were started by teacher unions in the United States more than 20 years ago to enrich the public school system by trying out new ways of…

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Silver lining to the ‘H’ bomb

By Jane Blaikie 29 January, 2010

First-year principal Chris Derbidge was up at 6.30am getting ready for work when the phone rang. “Look at the Dompost, and get down to school,” said a shaken voice at…

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Tension 2010 – national standards vs the curriculum

By Diana Clement 6 December, 2009

Southbridge School, Canterbury Southbridge School has taken a radical approach to its curriculum. Instead of seeing the entry point to the exercise as either: vision, value and principles, or the…

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Languishing in the Lab

By Dave Hansford 21 September, 2009

This is no ordinary vege patch. For one thing, there’s no soil – just water bubbling through metres of hydroponic aquaduct. In fact, there’s no garden at all as such;…

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