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Pay equity

One of the more remarkable events in New Zealand politics recently has been the prominence of the debate over gender pay gaps and in particular pay equity. It is pleasing to see that at least with respect to pay equity there is now some movement and it is especially pleasing to see NZEI Te Riu…

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Open conversations needed in education restructure

  It seems a long time for educators since 2016 started and there appears there will be no let-up for 2017. The restructure rush led by the Government has meant that educators have faced a barrage of changes – often a curious mix of ideology and zeal. The sector remains unconvinced of both the substance…

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How the TPPA will put profit ahead of quality education

The government’s decision to sign the TPPA could trigger an American-style corporatisation of our schools. Imagine an education system where multi-national corporations could set up a school alongside your local public school, and then demand equal access to the taxpayer purse to fund that school. It’s a likely scenario because global businesses are on the…

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