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Don't fence them in

[g1_row type=”default” color=”none” background_repeat=”repeat” background_position=”center top” background_attachment=”static” background_scroll=”none” padding_bottom=”3rem” padding_top=”4.5rem”] [g1_1of1] Key points Open-plan learning spaces, with the pedagogy to match, are driving learning innovation in New Zealand schools. The new˜hubs’ thrive on increased collaboration between teachers. I cannot see a classroom of students anywhere. I cannot see a classroom for that matter, although principal…

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The ITC revolution

There’s no shortage of commentators writing and researching about young people’s relationship with technology. Educators such as James Paul Gee, Stephen Heppell and Derek Wenmoth promote the benefits – even the necessity – of young people learning with technology. The acolytes of technology use a number of arguments to justify why ICT should be a…

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Faster broadband for better learning

Thorrington School Principal Paul Armitage: “We will make better use of the internet’s data-hungry multimedia, video conferencing and online learning tools. It will open the door on twenty-first century teaching and learning.” Last year, the government announced it will accelerate the roll-out of ultra-fast broadband via fibre optic cable across the country. It will invest…

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Learning on the move

New Zealanders love their mobile phones, and our phones are getting more sophisticated. This year telcos are expected to hotly promote data services and broadband for mobiles, as networks become faster. Not surprisingly, young New Zealanders have been quick to place mobile phones at the centre of their social lives. In 2008, the Broadcasting Standards…

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Online networks can rock your world


It all began through one teacher’s “personal learning network” (PLN)” a global community of professional educators, facilitated by IT. Going global Dorothy Burt, professional development facilitator at Point England School, met Carol Anne McGuire in an online discussion forum for educators. Carol Anne was seeking schools to collaborate in Rock our World, a project that…

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