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Time to unwind

Kai Iwi Lakes Thirty-five kilometres northwest of Dargaville, the Kai Iwi Lakes” Kai Iwi, Taharoa and Waikere” offer fishing, windsurfing, boating and swimming in sub-tropical climes. These dune lakes” Taharoa and Waikere are the deepest in the country” sparkle within the 538-hectare Taharoa domain, ringed by tall pines. The lakes have no known natural inlets…

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Languishing in the Lab

This is no ordinary vege patch. For one thing, there’s no soil – just water bubbling through metres of hydroponic aquaduct. In fact, there’s no garden at all as such; this plantation looks more like the sort of bio-dome NASA might run on the moon one day. That’s because it used to be a swimming…

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