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Education Aotearoa is the magazine of the New Zealand Educational Institute. It's published quarterly and goes to 47,000 educators working in early and primary education. These include support staff, teachers and principals. We go into every New Zealand state and state-integrated primary school, around 97 percent of kindergartens, and around 50 percent of early childhood centres.

EA is well-read and well-liked. The latest readership research shows it is read on average for 30 minutes per issue, and 75% of readers keep their issue for future reference or pass it on. 77% find the magazine informative, topical and well-written.

It's also read by politicians, policymakers and journalists - we know this because at least one story from every issue has been picked up by the mainstream media or commented on by politicians.

Thank goodness for that! New Zealand has one of the world's best performing education systems - but too few of us know that. Unfortunately education has become a bit of a political football in recent years - from both the left and the right, so it's vital we get the message out there: our system is great, educators want it to be excellent, and they're the ones who know how to achieve this. New Zealand's kids deserve the very best.

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