Yes – let's talk!

By Michelle Nixon 14 July, 2015

Educators want to talk to parents. Parents want to talk to us. NZEI activists share their advice on how to get the communication right. Share this information with parents. It’s…

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Talk the good talk

By EA Staff 7 January, 2013

In the 21st century educators need to become professional communicators. Case in point was the Auckland teacher who fired a quick email to parents asking what they thought were the…

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From the ground up

By Jenny Davies 27 October, 2012

Key points Pasifika families are thriving on a new project that trains parents to be home-based early childhood educators.The Wellington Kindergarten Association project enables Pasifika parents to keep their children…

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The unkindest cut

By Jane Blaikie 19 July, 2010

Taitoko Kindergarten has been transformed from a centre on the verge of closure into a thriving community hub, with nine registered teachers delivering quality education to largely Māori and Pacific…

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Most parents support their child’s school

By Jane Blaikie 30 April, 2010

[g1_quote author_name=”Robin Baker” hide_author_image=”none” author_description=”NZCER Director” author_description_format=”%link%” align=”right” size=”s” style=”solid” template=”01″] No system is perfect. We have some strong challenges in New Zealand as expectations keep rising—including teachers’ and principals’…

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Monoglots no more?

By Jane Blaikie 14 April, 2010

Around 1100 early childhood centres around the country offered Te Reo Māori, as well as English, as the language of communication at least part of the time in 2008-09, according…

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Homework: the good, the bad and the stand out

By Rose Northcott 14 April, 2010

Dig into the Ministry of Education’s report School Leadership and Student Outcomes: What Works and Why and you’ll discover research that measures the effects on student learning of different kinds…

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Speaking out for tamariki

By Jane Blaikie 21 September, 2009

Quality early education for Māori children is critical to reversing underachievement. Yet kōhanga reo are funded at lower rates than most other early education providers” teachers are paid less and…

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