Summer 2017

Book challenges a narrow world view

By EA Staff 7 August, 2017

DECOLONISATION IN AOTEAROA: EDUCATION RESEARCH AND PRACTICE Edited by Jessica Hutchings and Jenny Lee-Morgan The introduction of the book offers a challenge to thinking around Māori education and decolonisation. “The…

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Raising an Inglewood citizen

By Kate Drury 27 July, 2017

Inglewood is a community in more than one sense of the word. People know each other like any other close-knit, mainly rural community but it is a community working together…

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In the footsteps of Beeby

By Melissa Schwalger 27 July, 2017

It’s only fair and proper, so to speak, to fund state schools fairly and properly. Why is that? Professor John O’Neill of Massey University investigates.

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Vote for Education

Vote for me, vote for education

By Kate Drury 24 April, 2017

  Every kiwi kid wants to realise their dreams and every parent wants the best for their child. And to do that; to really have the ability to reach their…

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Jan Tinetti

Empowerment helps increase polling day figures at school

By Kate Drury 18 January, 2017

One of the most important things in an election year is to get people out to vote. Merivale School in Tauranga took up the challenge and turned around a poor…

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Just who is the 98 % ECE target for?

By Leah Haines 18 January, 2017

It won’t come as much of a surprise to learn that that the Governments’ 98 percent ECE attendance target is viewed by the Corporate childcare sector as a key driver…

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South Island earthquakes

By Kate Drury 18 January, 2017

Principal of Seddon School Tania Pringle (above) says the November earthquake caused different, and in some cases, more damage to her school than the one in 2013. “The way it…

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Open conversations needed in education restructure

By Paul Goulter 18 January, 2017

  It seems a long time for educators since 2016 started and there appears there will be no let-up for 2017. The restructure rush led by the Government has meant…

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History of New Zealand seeks to address gaps in knowledge

By John McRae 18 January, 2017

  Tamsin Hanly is in her lounge room with the product of four years of work laid out in front of her. “These are it,” she says. “Six books on…

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Resourcing, rights and behaviour management

By Debra Harrington 18 January, 2017

New guidelines and support for dealing with extreme behaviour have been released after revelations that some schools had been forcing challenging students into locked seclusion rooms. The guidelines were issued…

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