Philosophy of Education


Philosophical Inquiry in the Classroom

By EA Staff 13 July, 2016

Every teacher has a wish list of the things they really want for their students. Such a list might include: deeper and more critical thinking; the ability to articulate and…

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New Ed Act: political leadership crucial 

By Jane Blaikie 19 April, 2016

Consultation on the government’s proposals to “update” the Education Act generated a whopping 1800 submissions – with two-thirds coming from educators. Frequently mentioned goals for education in the submissions included:…

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Minister's refusal to protect public education under TPPA 'a cause for concern'

By Jane Blaikie 4 February, 2016

The TPPA is a major threat to our fee-free, high-quality public education system, says NZEI Te Riu Roa National Secretary, Paul Goulter. The threat is heightened by negotiations for another secretive…

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Summer reading

By Sharon Jones 22 December, 2015

Holidays are here, time to curl up with a good book.  These are hot-off-the-press titles on education and social issues to explore. A new addition to telling the story of New Zealand’s…

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Why we should be worried about the super-profits Evolve Education is making in ECE

By Jane Blaikie 24 November, 2015

[g1_row] [g1_1of2] Education Minister Hekia Parata’s comment that the All Blacks are a great model for the education system (because they use ‘data’, have ‘high standards’, focus on ‘quality achievement’)…

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Time to aim high

By Jane Blaikie 20 January, 2015

[g1_quote author_name=”Jennifer Ward-Lealand” author_description=”Actress” align=”center” size=”m” style=”solid” template=”01″] Education is survival and growth. From generation to generation we pass on skills that enable us to do everything from tool making…

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The purpose of education

By Ivan Snook 1 October, 2014

Since the beginning of the Western tradition there have been two rival models of education. The first, exemplified by the Greek Sophists, demands that schools prepare young people to be…

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The Purpose of Education: a new frontier of parent-teacher interaction

By Cathy Wylie 14 July, 2014

In 1993 when Anne Meade and I started work on the longitudinal project that would become Competent Learners,[1] our first step was to define what the legacy of early childhood…

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The Purpose of Education – critical and creative thinking

By Cathy Wylie 7 July, 2014

It is important that all students learn certain basic skills. The 3Rs – reading, writing and arithmetic – are, as Dr Cathy Wylie describes, “the spine of publically funded education.”…

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Obituary – Elwyn S Richardson QSO

By Michelle Nixon 6 April, 2013

Richardson is best known for his book In The Early World, published by the New Zealand Council for Educational Research in 1964. The book, an account of his experience developing…

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