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New Scientists – from e-waste to turbines

By Steven Sexton 6 April, 2013

Abstract This paper reports on a joint venture between the University of Otago’s Department of Applied Sciences and the College of Education which resulted in New Scientists: Educating the next…

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BYOD – the good oil plus useful links

By Diana Clement 6 April, 2013

More and more educators seeing the value in learners from pre-schoolers up being allowed to use their own tablets, smartphones, iPods and other electronic devices in class. Trying to pretend…

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Citizen scientists

By Jane Blaikie 6 April, 2013

Teacher Rita Urry spent 2011 as a Royal Society Primary Science Teacher Fellow. For two terms she worked with a scientist from the Wellington Regional Council monitoring the environment. Back…

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100 years of education goes digital

By Jane Blaikie 7 January, 2013

NZEI has been delivering a magazine to members since 1899. And now you can read the early versions – more than a century’s worth of New Zealand’s educational and social…

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Putting on a show

By Diana Clement 7 January, 2013

Set a budget: planned and marketed well, the school production can be a money spinner for schools – providing you avoid a budget blowout. Your budget might include performance rights,…

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I Love Learning

By Jane Blaikie 27 October, 2012

Students from all around the country uploaded more than 2000 artworks to the “I Love Learning” website. [g1_row type=”default” color=”none” background_repeat=”repeat” background_position=”center top” background_attachment=”static” background_scroll=”none” padding_bottom=”3rem” padding_top=”4.5rem”] [g1_1of1] Students from…

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How the eye works

By Jane Blaikie 23 October, 2010

Resources for teachers on how the eye works – including a cool ‘boxeye’ project for kids. >Download ‘boxeye’ project pdf >Download ‘how the eye works’ pdf >Download ‘recipe for clear…

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Fiordland Kindergarten wins!

By Jane Blaikie 23 October, 2010

Fiordland Kindergarten was awarded the President’s Trophy and Cultural Award, by New Zealand Kindergarten, for its inspiring environmental programme. >Download the Fiordland Kindergarted Nature Discovery pdf (Warning: file is 3.7…

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The ITC revolution

By Sarah Jones 23 October, 2010

There’s no shortage of commentators writing and researching about young people’s relationship with technology. Educators such as James Paul Gee, Stephen Heppell and Derek Wenmoth promote the benefits – even…

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Online networks can rock your world

By Sarah Jones 6 December, 2009

It all began through one teacher’s “personal learning network” (PLN)” a global community of professional educators, facilitated by IT. Going global Dorothy Burt, professional development facilitator at Point England School,…

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