NZ School Trustees Association

What is Bill English up to?

By Jane Blaikie 30 March, 2016

Is Bill English making it up as he goes along or is there a master plan? It is widely accepted in Wellington that Bill English is the driving force of education reform in NZ,…

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Support staff count at Wainui Intermediate

By Jane Blaikie 22 October, 2010

Better use of support staff in schools is key to future school improvements. Jane Blaikie reports. It’s as clear as Bill English’s budget deficit, that public education will struggle to…

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Standards miss the richness of our kids

By Jane Blaikie 18 July, 2010

“There’s a great deal of confusion,” says Jan Tinetti, principal at Merivale School, which has a 98 percent Maori role. “Four years ago our kids were failing, we were one…

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