Ministry of Education

Stronger together: better pay for support staff

By Jane Blaikie 6 October, 2016

Support staff are the professionals at the heart of our schools and centres. They hold it together for all of us. But who’s holding it together for support staff?  Support…

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Vote for children, vote for education

By Jane Blaikie 6 October, 2016

 Educators from 93% of schools and 65% of kindergartens have voted 99% in favour of resolutions that oppose bulk funding and call for their meaningful engagement in the development of…

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They're speaking French in Millers Flat

By Jane Blaikie 16 August, 2016

With little previous experience, Hilary Spedding, principal of rural Millers Flat Primary, has introduced a French language programme for her 21 senior students. “Seniors will be learning French”. The small…

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A tight piggy bank

Education reform: the new bulk-funding?  

By Jane Blaikie 14 July, 2016

The government is floating radical changes to school and ECE funding, including a new form of bulk-funding for schools, as part of its Education Funding Review. Last term, government invited…

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On the wings of TPDL  

By EA Staff 13 July, 2016

They lived with locals, visited schools in Nouméa and in rural New Caledonia, learnt to cook a ‘bougna’, attended community events, and even gave speeches to education authorities in French.…

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Alfroi with teacher Nisha Rani and early intervention teacher, Katherine Reilly

Early intervention: Yes please! But where’s the money?

By Melissa Schwalger 12 July, 2016

Figures bandied about by officials suggest that a $30,000 investment in early intervention education will save the government around $150,000 down the track. Yet officials are also clear that there…

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Funding Review: kids will miss out

By Jane Blaikie 22 June, 2016

Behind the spin, government proposals on how to reform school and ECE funding will see more kids missing out. The Cabinet paper just released shows that the government is looking to:…

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In defence of the 'school' in MLEs

By Dr Kirsten Locke 20 April, 2016

The notion of school as a place of learning that is time-bound and situated in a geographically defined space is challenged by virtual learning spaces that can be accessed anywhere,…

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EA’s latest news stories

By Jane Blaikie 18 April, 2016

Field staff win out By sticking together and staying strong, Ministry of Education Field Staff members have won a better collective agreement. Field staff work in a number of roles…

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Support staff have day in court over pay cuts

By Jane Blaikie 7 April, 2016

School support staff members have taken legal action against an “unfair and illegal” cut in their fortnightly pay packets. NZEI Te Riu Roa, on behalf of the support staff, took…

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