Learning Environment

Modern learning environments

By Diana Clement 20 January, 2015

They’re all the rage “you know”: modern learning environments (MLEs), that is. But are the benefits proven or unproven? Is the MLE a modern-day version of the Emperor’s New Clothes?…

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Oral language – to think, shape, convey ideas

By Jannie van Hees 9 January, 2015

‘The limits of my language means the limits of my world’ (Wittgenstein, 1922). Ponder on this a little. Conceptual and cognitive growth depends on language availability. Language availability grows conceptual…

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The flipped classroom

By Diana Clement 6 October, 2014

Diana Clement looks at the phenomenon that’s, well, turning classroom practice on its head. Key points A new way of teaching that uses technology to reverse the usual order of…

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