Exam factories – or not? UK parents asked. Why not in NZ?

By Jane Blaikie 1 December, 2015

What’s it’s all about? Why do we even do it? What’s the point of education? UK parents will get the opportunity to say what they see as the purpose of education,…

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‘Educators are driven by purpose’

By Jane Blaikie 17 November, 2015

A wealth of material flows in and out of the NZEI Information Centre. Recent highlights include: ♦ In the latest issue of NEA Today, the magazine of NZEI’s equivalent organisation…

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Be afraid: the privatisation of public education

By Michelle Nixon 29 April, 2014

We all know the outward signs of privatisation” taxpayer funded charter schools plus the cut that private schooling takes from our public education dollar. But what about the hidden privatisation…

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Modern babies

By Jane Blaikie 26 October, 2013

Teachers at a centre weren’t surprised recently when a nine-month-old baby arrived for her first day with a report from her previous centre, in the UK, outlining her learning achievements…

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Digital learning – coming, ready or not

By Diana Clement 18 July, 2013

Key points Ultrafast broadband and the Network for Learning are transforming the classroom. Teachers need more professional development to make it work. Academics are concerned that the implications of this…

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Leave decisions about schools to educators, not politicians

By EA Staff 10 July, 2011

The Death and Life of the Great American School System: How testing and choice are undermining education Diane Ravitch (Basic Books) Diane Ravitch – author, researcher and education adviser to…

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Online networks can rock your world

By Sarah Jones 6 December, 2009

It all began through one teacher’s “personal learning network” (PLN)” a global community of professional educators, facilitated by IT. Going global Dorothy Burt, professional development facilitator at Point England School,…

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