Pearson, Gates privatise ed in Third World; us next?

By Jane Blaikie 8 June, 2016

Global corporates, like Pearson, and billionaires, like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerburg, like to put a positive gloss on their activities. So instead of saying, ‘We want to privatise public education…

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Tell Pearson

By Jane Blaikie 28 April, 2016

Unsurprisingly, Pearson’s directors have recommended that shareholders vote against a resolution that calls for a change to their business model. This is the latest from the American Federation of Teachers:…

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Rock your style!

By Jane Blaikie 19 April, 2016

Best apps Pic Collage for Kids (iOS) Pic Collage for Kids is the digital version of the age-old favourite. It can be used to create a collage that tells a…

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Rising to the challenge of system change

By Jane Blaikie 19 April, 2016

Changing times – Paul Goulter With the constant swirl in education it can be difficult to get a frame of how it all fits together. At a government level, there…

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EA’s latest news stories

By Jane Blaikie 18 April, 2016

Field staff win out By sticking together and staying strong, Ministry of Education Field Staff members have won a better collective agreement. Field staff work in a number of roles…

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Could really go a Gonski right now

By Jane Blaikie 18 March, 2016

This week the issue of the government’s review of school funding finally saw the light of day. Once again, this rather crucial piece of education reform has been a secret…

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A round-up of great stories from the Info Centre

By Jane Blaikie 17 March, 2016

Hot from the NZEI Te Riu Roa Infomation centre, some great new reading: Is inclusion really worth it? – this blog post poses the question: is all the effort made by…

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More summer reading

By Jane Blaikie 9 February, 2016

Teachers quit from stress, digital MOOC, and China adds more art to the curriculum: the NZEI Te Riu Roa Information Centre offers recent education highlights from around the world, along with…

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NZ a better Britain – for now

By David Bridson 30 January, 2016

The focus of this article is on national statutory assessment in England and is based on my experiences as a principal and teacher in both countries. From it, conclusions are…

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New Australian teachers face literacy & numeracy tests

By Jane Blaikie 1 December, 2015

New Australian teachers have a new hurdle to jump before they enter the classroom. Graduates will face mandatory literacy and numeracy testing after they complete their degrees, and before they enter…

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