The spark for bilingual education

By Michelle Nixon 20 January, 2015

It’s a Polynesian festival of languages in the Finlayson Park playground, plus a smattering of English and a dash of Mandarin. With a roll of 1100 it’s the biggest primary…

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When English isn't spoken at home

By Michelle Nixon 7 January, 2013

Linda Milton was always interesting in teaching but for various reasons followed another career path until seven years ago when she became a teacher aide at Miramar Central School, in…

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League tables: the media's new poverty porn

By Jane Blaikie 7 January, 2013

An initial flurry of attention by commentators and politicians quickly waned as it became obvious that all the data had to show was a form of poverty porn: decile 10…

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Support staff count at Wainui Intermediate

By Jane Blaikie 22 October, 2010

Better use of support staff in schools is key to future school improvements. Jane Blaikie reports. It’s as clear as Bill English’s budget deficit, that public education will struggle to…

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