Early Childhood Education

ECE Whistleblower's Guide

By EA Staff 23 March, 2016

Teacher complaints are a vital part of ensuring quality in ECE. Teachers are on the ground, daily inhabiting a space with many other beings, adult and child, subject to regulations…

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Another damning ECE report

By Jane Blaikie 3 March, 2016

Another damning report on early childhood education has slipped across the radar. The ERO report was originally meant to be released in the middle of last week but the release was…

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Wi-fried? – questions about wi-fi use in schools and ECE

By Jane Blaikie 25 February, 2016

Did you know that France has banned wi-fi in its ECE sector? And that primary schools can only have wi-fi on during specific, related lessons, rather than 24/7? This is…

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Kaboom – this is what the judge is looking for!

By Jane Blaikie 18 February, 2016

Kaboom – this is what the judge is looking for! Artist and author Bob Kerr says what he’s looking for in the children’s art competition Creativity sits at the heart…

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Is STA a glove puppet?

By Jane Blaikie 16 February, 2016

It’s hard to fathom why the New Zealand School Trustees Association would write a submission opposing a bill that would extend paid parental leave to 26 weeks. Not even business lobby groups are…

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Special needs is about asthma and diabetes. Yeah right

By Jane Blaikie 10 February, 2016

Clearly, the Ministry of Education is lost for ideas (if not words) in response to a SENCO survey that shows special education is woefully under-resourced in New Zealand schools and…

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By the time your school's budget has been halved it will be too late

By Jane Blaikie 5 February, 2016

By the time your school’s budget has been halved (and the missing money has gone to the charter school round the corner) it will be too late to complain. Early…

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Free-for-all on public money meant for education

By Jane Blaikie 29 January, 2016

It seems right that last week it was announced NZ is more corrupt than we used to be. It’s easy to become hardened to the way things are changing. Disruption is…

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By Jane Blaikie 21 January, 2016

 The temperature is rising in ECE as flaws in the current model grow ever clearer  [g1_row color=”dark-light” background_color=”#63cabf” background_repeat=”repeat” background_position=”center center” background_attachment=”static” padding_top=”20″ padding_bottom=”20″ mobile_padding_top=”10″ mobile_padding_bottom=”10″ type=”default”] [g1_1of1 valign=”top” color=”dark-light”…

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Shock change in ECE law

By Jane Blaikie 21 January, 2016

You are an unqualified carer at home with seven children under five. A few more older children are also on the premises. In an emergency you have to get out…

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