Sign the petition!

In May, the National Government froze the already-stretched school operations grant that pays for support staff wages and other essential school running costs.

A campaign is underway to stop the funding freeze and win a fair deal for support staff. It’s called “Better funding for support staff, Better learning for kids”. It’s running alongside the campaign to defeat bulk-funding.

This one page flyer explains what has happened with the funding freeze.

We need to win public support

Parents and the public will be surprised to know about the funding freeze and we need their support to defeat it.

An online petition to Education Minister Hekia Parata calls on her to stop the funding freeze. This petition is supported by new videos showing what support staff do and how essential we are to kids’ learning.

We need all NZEI members to share the video on social media and sign the petition.


Upcoming bargaining for a new support staff collective agreement offers a real chance to put pressure on the Government to stop the funding freeze and ensure support staff and schools are funded properly.

Starting from Monday 15 August, and running for two weeks, worksites rep are running meetings in schools.

These meetings are to:

  • Inform support staff and teachers about the new campaign to increase school operations grant funding
  • Discuss issues for bargaining
  • Identify what it will take to win more funding
  • Plan attendance at the upcoming paid union meeting and take the first action to win more funding for support staff

Talk to your worksite rep about what’s happening in your school.

Together we can stop the funding freeze.