Hot from the NZEI Te Riu Roa Infomation centre, some great new reading:

Is inclusion really worth it? – this blog post poses the question: is all the effort made by parents of disabled children to support their children and deal with systems that are complex, underfunded, laden with obstacles and barriers worth it?

Having women in at least 30 percent of leadership positions adds 6 percent to a company’s net profit margin, according to a study conducted by the Peterson Institute for International Economics : The story and The report: Is gender diversity profitable : evidence from a global survey  

The report Opportunity for all : technology and learning for lower income families  by American non-profit research and innovation lab research on digital media use in America points to two important gaps in educational opportunity for low-income families with young children – an access gap and a participation gap.

Have you heard of Good to the Power of E yet? This is a new initiative run by Libraries Aotearoa where passionate librarians from across the sector come together with other non-profits to collaborate for the greater good of New Zealanders. Partnering with the New Zealand Book Council, CORE Education, and The National Library, “Goode” aims to create a space for dialogue with people from around the world with shared goals. The first event will be held on Literacy, in Wellington on April 7. We’d love for you to join us.

10 years after Katrina, the New Orleans all-charter school system has proven a failure – a three-month investigation reveals the cracks in the education reform narrative

What are the new education technology trends that will usher new classroom practices and change teaching-learning dynamics in 2016? This article looks at five top trends: Top 5 emerging EdTech trends for 2016

Children with special needs are missing out on both sides of the Tasman. The AEU launches a new Gonski TV ad

In the collection of speeches, I gave a Gonski, David Gonski of ‘I gave a Gonski’ campaign fame, talks about education funding, human rights, professionalism, gender diversity on boards, economics and philanthropy. Gonski was the man appointed by then Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard to review education funding. It was a somewhat controversial appointment because he was a very well-connected businessman, close to the likes of Kerry Packer and Rupert Murdoch. But the report was well received by the education sector – it recommended more funding to be more fairly distributed. The next Australian prime minister tried to bury it but it has been surprisingly resilient.