The front page story that was pulled from the NZ Herald site on Friday has reappeared. On Friday 13 November the NZ herald published a story about the ERO report, Infants and Toddlers: competent and confident communicators and learners and meetings and discussions between ERO and the Ministry of Education prior to the release of the report.

The Herald story was based on a response to an OIA request about the ERO report from the Ministry of Education.

Soon after it was published, the links to the story returned an error.

EA published information as events related to the story unfolded, including the publication of a clarification by the Herald (see tweet by reporter Kirsty Johnston below) and a copy of an ERO complaint to the New Zealand Herald.

The story has reappeared on the Herald site with the heat taken out of the language.

Herald education reporter Kirsty Johnston tweeted a photo of an clarification that was printed in the Herald…