It’s no surprise to read that more principals are resigning through stress, burnout and increased liability.

The Minister/Ministry continues to run the line that superhero principals can overcome problems in society that have their fallout on children and schools. These are the problems of poverty, family stress and inequality.

Hence all the emphasis on raising teacher quality and leadership, while studiously ignoring the research showing that 70-80% of learning is determined by factors that happen outside of school.

Add to this new health and safety legislation that comes into force on 1 April. It makes principals personally liable for incidents and they can face fines of up to $600,000 and five years in jail.

John Gerritson at RNZ writes about why principals are resigning, with great quotes from the Principals Federation’s Denise Torrey (pictured).

EA magazine looked at the health and safety issue.

NZEI’s Te Kete Aronui has also been running workshops for principals on health and safety.