Teachers quit from stress, digital MOOC, and China adds more art to the curriculum: the NZEI Te Riu Roa Information Centre offers recent education highlights from around the world, along with a photo from the archive.

 Why I quit teaching

As the new school year begins, one Australian teacher reflects on why she quit teaching, citing the shift to standardisation, formal assessment, data collection and rigorous record keeping as some of the reasons. “Like corporate businesses, schools are driven by plans, performance and paperwork. Yet in becoming “standard” and running to a business model, Australian Education neglects the child.”

Why do so many early career and beginning teachers leave the profession?Another Australian report looks at the reasons. I quit : why do so many young teachers abandon the profession?

5000 teachers have accessed University of Adelaide’s free online MOOC focusing on preparing the next iDigital generation.

And news from Shanghai, often touted as a lead player in education system reform: schools will focus more on the arts under a revised curriculum. This reflects increasing concern in Asia that an education system based on high-stakes testing will not deliver the necessary creative and entrepreneurial graduates.