This is a modern take on a classic legend – Māui and Tama-nui-te-rā.

Maui convinces his brothers to help him slow down Te Rā. The brothers affectionately refer to their younger brother as hianga- mischief, tinihanga – trickster, whakahihi – cheeky and kai pao – poet. These are the traits that Māui is renowned for, however these names are not used as a put-down but in admiration of their teina.

With the support of his brothers, Māui catches Te Ra and reasons with him. This is noticeably different from other versions of the story. Māui praises Te Rā for all his greatness then explains to Te Rā that people cannot enjoy this greatness because he moves too fast. Te Rā promises to slow down and once released is proud to be seen and noticed as Te Rā. Other versions tend to see the sun as being broken and without mana.

These are the m
essages that stood out to me:  To make a difference there must be change, that no matter how big or small you are – you can do anything, conflict can be solved through korero, restoration or preservation of mana is key to building relationships.

At times the choice of language reflects the reo of our taiohi and perhaps they will relate more to the characters. The writing offered a poetic rhythm which made it interesting.

Great pictures but I didn’t enjoy reading the font, it was too heavy.