From KidsCan –

Every parent’s faced the challenge of nits. Regardless of financial position nits have made themselves at home in thousands of children’s heads across the country and they spread like wildfire.

Contrary to popular myths nits are not caused by poor hygiene – they are simply becoming more and more resistant to treatments.

KidsCan’s Health for Kids Programme Manager, Julia Haydon-Carr says “The power is in the comb. Any products that help the comb run through the hair easily, such as conditioner, are key. Parents should feel empowered to take over the issue themselves. It’s about keeping vigilant and checking children’s hair often – take a peek once a week.”

KidsCan currently has 35 Health Champions in 111 schools throughout New Zealand treating head lice on site as many parents face a huge cost barrier to affording effective treatments with prices starting from $20.

KidsCan Health Champions use the Super Nit Buster Comb in school clinics around the country and believe they are superior to other nit combs available. This comb will help to quickly and easily get rid of head lice and every last egg with its special grooved tooth design, and is now available from KidsCan for $15 plus postage (selling elsewhere for $27).

Mother of two from Otorohanga, Kim Matthews says, “After about six months of having constant battles to remove the eggs from my child’s hair, I have FINALLY got her hair nit and egg FREE, thank you so much.

“I have found a comb that does actually work and my child was so happy and mentioned to me that her head isn’t itchy any more after such an on-going expensive battle. One grateful mother and child here.”

All proceeds from sales will go to KidsCan, helping us to continue our work supporting disadvantaged Kiwi kids. $4 postage and packaging fee to anywhere in New Zealand. Delivery within five working days. Price is inclusive of GST.

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