Behind the spin, government proposals on how to reform school and ECE funding will see more kids missing out.

The Cabinet paper just released shows that the government is looking to:

  • bulk-fund teacher salaries, meaning there will be incentives for schools to employ fewer and cheaper teachers
  • increase reliance on data and accountability to determine funding
  • allocate less funding to children in Years 1 and 13, and more funding for children in Years 4-6
  • link funding for private schools to funding for public schools and ensure “diversity of choice”
  • ring-fence property funding so that schools and centres have less choice in how they use property funding
  • target decile and special education funding at a smaller pool of higher needs children rather than meet the existing unmet need of a larger pool of children.

Altogether this is ringing alarm bells in the sector.

Analysis of education spending done for EA by Dr Brian Easton shows that education funding is projected to fall in coming years, as a percentage of GDP – see the winter issue of EA, in schools in July.

This means a relatively smaller pool of funding will be available to schools and ECE.

We need to be stronger together.

Get involved with your association, NZEI Te Riu Roa – through branches, area councils, new educator networks, and the like.


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