All around New Zealand, schools and early childhood centres are working together in inspiring ways. Whether it’s a rural group of schools making huge leaps in ICT or a town-wide cluster of schools working together for seamless transitions, children and communities are benefitting from the innovative work of educators.

The great news is that thanks to the NZEI and Ministry of Education Joint Initiative, the benefits are about to spread further. Joint working parties toured the country in early 2015, investigating grassroots initiatives that are making a real difference for children. Following endorsement by NZEI members, models are now being developed to resource Communities of Learning and create roles and the necessary teacher release time. The roles and resourcing required for support staff and early childhood teachers to play their part in Communities of Learning will also be under discussion in the second phase of the Joint Initiative. For the latest updates go here.

Visit the Joint Initiative section of NZEI’s website to read case studies about the innovative transition work and collaboration already happening all over the country. Thanks to the Joint Initiative, groups like these will soon be resourced to have even greater impact.