Every kiwi kid wants to realise their dreams and every parent wants the best for their child.

And to do that; to really have the ability to reach their potential, children need to be at the centre of all that is done in the education sector.

But quality public education also needs adequate funding and resourcing – for all children and for the educators, so that they do their job well and help every child reach their potential.

NZEI Te Riu Roa has launched the Vote for Me, Vote for Education campaign in the lead up to the September election and these are some the messages members are getting out to their communities. Our kids deserve the best education in the world and at the moment only some children have that.

BYO adult (to vote)

NZEI Te Riu Roa is also supporting the “get out and vote” message in this election – and this year it has a focus on schools.

Children at schools with polling booths are being encouraged to bring an adult to vote on election day.

Last election, Merivale School in Tauranga, which had a traditionally low turnout for voting at their booth, turned this around with a similar scheme and achieved a 100 percent voter attendance from every family in the school.

Parents will vote if they know that voting will make a difference for their children’s future.

In 2011, one million registered voters in New Zealand did not vote.  It was a similar number in 2014 – making these some of the worst voter turnouts ever.

Translated into percentages, an estimated 77.04 per cent of enrolled voters took part in the 2014 election, slightly higher than the 74.2 per cent turnout in 2011, which was the worst in percentage terms since before women got the right to vote in 1893.

Thirty-five percent of Maori did not vote. In the 2014 election 37 percent of voters aged 18-24 did not vote.

Early voting also increases voter turnout – so this too is being encouraged.

Talking in your community will increase engagement and participation in voting this election as will joining in the Bring an Adult to vote campaign.

See the link here to the video:

In each copy of this winter edition of Education Aotearoa you will find a different postcard. You can collect the set, make them into great artworks but most importantly, please fill them out and send back to us to show your support for policies which will ensure a great education for all New Zealand kids.