The virtual world is now a reality

By Samuel Phillips 20 April, 2016

Virtual reality, once lumped in with flying cars, holograms and tartan paint as fictional and scary, is now a reality. Game developers, tech start-ups, film makers and designers around the…

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Two flipping good reads

By Jane Blaikie 18 April, 2016

Elwyn Richardson and the early world of creative education in New Zealand Margaret MacDonald NZCER Press It might not be orthodox to describe a book like this as “one that…

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Get involved in Safer Internet Day 2016

By Rikki Sheterline 29 January, 2016

Searching news websites for stories about children and cyber safety can make a parent wonder about throwing the modem out the window. It can be a scary cyber world out…

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Learn (and learn to teach) a new language – for free

By Jane Blaikie 20 January, 2016

A free programme run through Auckland University enables teachers to boost their own and their students‘ language learning. Learn (or learn more) Chinese, Cook Islands Maori, French, German, Japanese, Niuean, Samoan,…

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Summer reading

By Sharon Jones 22 December, 2015

Holidays are here, time to curl up with a good book.  These are hot-off-the-press titles on education and social issues to explore. A new addition to telling the story of New Zealand’s…

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Talk Korero Talk

By EA Staff 1 October, 2015

Institute of Professional Learning literacy facilitators Sandy Harrop and Lyn Pascoe realised, when in schools, that children aged five were arriving at school with insufficient school-useful vocabulary to allow them…

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Conversational classrooms

By Jannie van Hees 1 October, 2015

You might have discussed in recent times with your teaching and educational colleagues, or with your students’ family members, or with your contacts in the community, a concern about the…

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Keep learning alive with art and music  

By Diana Clement 1 October, 2015

Dance, drama, music and visual arts – are all important for engaging learners. They also boost learning in literacy, numeracy, critical thinking and problem-solving. Yet the arts are being squeezed,…

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The case for spelling

By EA Staff 1 October, 2015

I am putting the case for spelling to again be recognised as an essential pre-condition of effective writing and not a secondary surface feature of writing. Now that I am…

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Bring joy to class

By John McIntyre 30 September, 2015

It’s a serious old business being a student these days – our children are more measured, tested, compared and ranked than ever before. Hail then the teacher who can bring…

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