History of New Zealand seeks to address gaps in knowledge

By John McRae 18 January, 2017

  Tamsin Hanly is in her lounge room with the product of four years of work laid out in front of her. “These are it,” she says. “Six books on…

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$27,425 for an SUV? Really?

By Jane Blaikie 6 October, 2016

As ECE and state schools grapple with under-funding , charter schools seem awash with cash. Their trusts are accumulating millions in assets and admin payments are through the roof. Charter…

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Trusts front on BYOD as sharks circle

By Diana Clement 27 September, 2016

Daryl Evans works with families in South Auckland and says vulnerable families are being driven into the clutches of mobile shops, which charge exorbitant prices. “I did a price comparison…

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Favourite apps for educators and students

By Diana Clement 13 July, 2016

Behaviour management app ClassDojo is a favourite at Koputaroa School, says teacher Becky Ward. Each child is assigned a profile, chooses an avatar, and earns or loses points called “dojos”…

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A Chromebook keyboard

Why Chromebooks?

By EA Staff 13 July, 2016

Chromebooks are fast becoming the most widely used digital device in schools. Here’s why: 1. Speed Academic learning time is a scarce resource, with little of it to waste waiting…

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School gardeners at work in the garden

Grow plants from seed in ECE and schools!

By EA Staff 13 July, 2016

Long time supporters of children gardening, Kings Seeds are the go-to gurus when it comes to growing a great garden from seed and after 17 years in the business they…

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A collection of wooden letters

The trubil wiv foniks in speling

By Jane Blaikie 10 July, 2016

An increasing number of New Zealand schools are now moving away from ‘whole language’ theories of how children learn to read and spell and re-introducing phonological awareness programmes instead. This…

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New Children's Commissioner on 'neurodisabilities'

By Jane Blaikie 11 May, 2016

Interesting release here from the Dyslexia Foundation. New Children’s Commissioner, Andrew Becroft, is speaking at their forum, and clearly he is aware of the implications of learning disabilities. Does he also…

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Stretch the envelope!

By Debra Harrington 21 April, 2016

“James and I have the same dopey sense of humour,” says Te Atatu Intermediate School Principal Noelle Fletcher as she and Arohanui School principal James Le Marquand attempt to explain…

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Learning to lead in the 21st Century

By Martin Bassett 20 April, 2016

Those who aspire to the role of leader in the 21st Century must learn to lead. Education in New Zealand is currently experiencing its most significant change since the educational…

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