National Standards’ dumping makes world news

By Kate Drury 13 November, 2017

NZEI Te Riu Roa has made headlines across the world for dumping National Standards.

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Developing Literacy Skills through Learning Languages: Results from TPLT

By Silvia Insley 23 August, 2017

Effective literacy instruction incorporates specific teaching of the forms and meaning of language and of critical thinking skills. Students learning another language need to think critically to make connections between…

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History of New Zealand seeks to address gaps in knowledge

By John McRae 18 January, 2017

  Tamsin Hanly is in her lounge room with the product of four years of work laid out in front of her. “These are it,” she says. “Six books on…

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New research shows flaws in National Standards

By Jane Blaikie 17 November, 2015

Research from the US and Denmark shows that delaying a child’s first day of school for a year reduces the chances of hyperactivity and inattention, meaning children do better at school.…

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Most parents support their child’s school

By Jane Blaikie 30 April, 2010

[g1_quote author_name=”Robin Baker” hide_author_image=”none” author_description=”NZCER Director” author_description_format=”%link%” align=”right” size=”s” style=”solid” template=”01″] No system is perfect. We have some strong challenges in New Zealand as expectations keep rising—including teachers’ and principals’…

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It’s the BES (and a must-read)

By Jane Blaikie 29 January, 2010

Called School Leadership and Student Outcomes: What Works and Why, the latest in the Best Evidence Synthesis series is running out the door like hot cakes. Almost 8,000 of the…

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