Book challenges a narrow world view

By EA Staff 7 August, 2017

DECOLONISATION IN AOTEAROA: EDUCATION RESEARCH AND PRACTICE Edited by Jessica Hutchings and Jenny Lee-Morgan The introduction of the book offers a challenge to thinking around Māori education and decolonisation. “The…

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a small blue thing – life on the spectrum

By Jane Blaikie 18 January, 2017

Long-time NZEI Te Riu Roa member Julie Hanify has written this memoir like a GoPro butterfly, dipping across a known landscape from an unfamiliar perspective. The insights for educators are…

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Māui – Sun Catcher

By Kaareen Hotereni 18 January, 2017

This is a modern take on a classic legend – Māui and Tama-nui-te-rā. Maui convinces his brothers to help him slow down Te Rā. The brothers affectionately refer to their…

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Reviews – autumn 2016

By Jane Blaikie 6 October, 2016

The issue that will not go away   Atmosphere of Hope Tim Flannery This book is a fantastic insight into the increasingly hard-to-ignore issue of climate change.  Tim Flannery first…

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Best apps for students

By Jane Blaikie 6 October, 2016

Hapara Dashboard is popular at Mangaroa School, says deputy principal Andrew de Wit. This dashboard is an organisational layer that sits over Google Apps for Education. Hapara helps organise and…

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Rock your style!

By Jane Blaikie 19 April, 2016

Best apps Pic Collage for Kids (iOS) Pic Collage for Kids is the digital version of the age-old favourite. It can be used to create a collage that tells a…

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A round-up of great stories from the Info Centre

By Jane Blaikie 17 March, 2016

Hot from the NZEI Te Riu Roa Infomation centre, some great new reading: Is inclusion really worth it? – this blog post poses the question: is all the effort made by…

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We need to talk about wealth

By Jane Blaikie 19 January, 2016

Wealth matters and particularly so in education, says Max Rashbrooke. Yet for a government that likes data, the numbers available on wealth in New Zealand are fairly sketchy. Rashbrooke usefully…

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Best new apps and books

By EA Staff 15 January, 2016

Applications StaffSync It’s a principal’s nightmare. You have 30 children waiting for a teacher who calls in sick. StaffSync for Apple and Android is an app that connects relievers and…

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Mentoring in early childhood education

By Charmaine Thomson 15 January, 2016

There is much research that validates mentoring and leadership as key for ECE professionals. But structurally speaking, it’s easier said than done in a sector beset by underfunding. How, in…

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