Breathing new life into the curriculum

By Kate Drury 10 November, 2017

When the new Labour-led government announced the end of National Standards this month, there were cheers around the country from teachers, principals and parents.

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The cost of “free” education

By Guest Author 9 November, 2017

A parent looks at the true cost of education in our state-funded primary schools.

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Developing Literacy Skills through Learning Languages: Results from TPLT

By Silvia Insley 23 August, 2017

Effective literacy instruction incorporates specific teaching of the forms and meaning of language and of critical thinking skills. Students learning another language need to think critically to make connections between…

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Keeping arts on the school agenda

By Kate Drury 27 July, 2017

During the Second World War, when asked to cut arts funding in favour of the war effort Winston Churchill said: “Then what are we fighting for?” The story may be…

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Mauri ora model sees tamariki flourish

By Heni Collins 27 July, 2017

    From a kaupapa Māori perspective, professional development for teachers on the topic “cultural responsiveness and relational pedagogy” is about mauri ora. When the mauri (inner spirit or life…

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Peter O'Connor

Creativity worth fighting for

By EA Staff 27 July, 2017

  An extraordinary shift is taking place in China’s schools, largely unobserved by the rest of the world. One person who has noticed is Professor Peter O’Connor, an internationally recognised…

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Why social mobility is a waste of time

By Max Rashbrooke 25 July, 2017

    The good society, the British historian R. H. Tawney once wrote, is not just one in which people can rise up the social ladder, but one in which…

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Does your child have autism or features of autism, and sleep problems?

By EA Staff 25 July, 2017

You may be eligible to receive treatment through the nationwide Autism and Sleep Study, being conducted through the University of Canterbury Our research is investigating (a) the effectiveness of treatments…

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Teacher aides join the fight

By Rebecca Matthews-Heron 25 July, 2017

There are exciting times ahead for education workers in female-dominated roles with low pay. Following the $2 billion provision in the budget to settle the ground-breaking Kristine Bartlett case for…

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Vote for Education

Vote for me, vote for education

By Kate Drury 24 April, 2017

  Every kiwi kid wants to realise their dreams and every parent wants the best for their child. And to do that; to really have the ability to reach their…

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