Another indicator that industrial-scale early childhood education (ECE) is not good for young children has emerged. ERO’s recent report Infants and Toddlers found that only 56% of services, in its sample, offered a responsive curriculum to support infants and toddlers to become competent and confident learners.

Not surprisingly, centres with large license numbers for undertwo- year-olds were disproportionately represented in the “not responsive services”.

In answer to questions from EA, ERO replied that the highly responsive services were licensed for 5-25 under-two-year-olds, while the non-responsive services ranged from 4-47 children. Highly responsive services had an average of 13 under-twoyear- old licence places, and a mode of 12, while non responsive services had an average 17.5 children, with a mode of 25.

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