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Grow plants from seed in ECE and schools!

School gardeners at work in the garden

Long time supporters of children gardening, Kings Seeds are the go-to gurus when it comes to growing a great garden from seed and after 17 years in the business they know their stuff. Below they share their top seed-sowing tips and how the simple process of growing from seed provides many learning opportunities both in…

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Philosophical Inquiry in the Classroom


Every teacher has a wish list of the things they really want for their students. Such a list might include: deeper and more critical thinking; the ability to articulate and explore complex questions; being able to meet and exceed national standards –without their teacher having to “teach to the standards”; a stronger sense of community,…

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On the wings of TPDL  

They lived with locals, visited schools in Nouméa and in rural New Caledonia, learnt to cook a ‘bougna’, attended community events, and even gave speeches to education authorities in French. In April 2016 these New Zealand teachers spent two weeks in New Caledonia to immerse in the French language and to learn about the culture…

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Competing ideas led to conflict

 Ka Ngaro Te Reo: Māori language under siege in the 19th century Paul Moon Otago University Press In the early part of the nineteenth century, te reo was the main language of social and economic interaction in New Zealand. But European settlers’ views of te reo hinted at what was to come: te reo was…

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A tribute to Anne B Smith

Anne with Sylvia at St Clair Beach, Dunedin

Anne was appointed as the inaugural Director of the Children’s Issues Centre (CIC) at the University of Otago in 1995. She was already a world-renowned academic and advocate in the early childhood education field and quickly capitalised on these skills to build the CIC and extend her reach across a diverse range of issues aimed…

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ECE Whistleblower's Guide

Teacher complaints are a vital part of ensuring quality in ECE. Teachers are on the ground, daily inhabiting a space with many other beings, adult and child, subject to regulations and rules, while carrying personal ethics. The teacher complaints process begins with the teacher bringing the matter to the attention of the manager, either directly,…

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Letter: Exploitation of migrants in ECE

New migrants to New Zealand are being exploited in early childhood education services. This is one example I have come across. As an overseas student, “L” needed first to gain residency in this country before she could consider achieving her teacher registration criteria. Her boss withheld information necessary for Immigration until her passport expired. This…

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Best new apps and books

Applications StaffSync It’s a principal’s nightmare. You have 30 children waiting for a teacher who calls in sick. StaffSync for Apple and Android is an app that connects relievers and schools seamlessly. It’s the Uber or Airbnb of relieving. Developed with the help of the Remuera School Cluster, it automates finding preferred relievers and communicating…

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Pulled NZ Herald ERO story reappears

The front page story that was pulled from the NZ Herald site on Friday has reappeared. On Friday 13 November the NZ herald published a story about the ERO report, Infants and Toddlers: competent and confident communicators and learners and meetings and discussions between ERO and the Ministry of Education prior to the release of…

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Teachers can do more with less! Class size doesn’t matter! Early learning is unaffordable. The education discourse can be full of ridiculous talk, and educators are often too busy to address the nonsense. So thanks to the Alberta Teachers Association for bringing some sense to the table. In the summer issue of ATA Magazine, five commonly believed myths around public education have…

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