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Moving educators

Moving Educators is a series discussing the challenges and rewards of focusing on health, wellbeing and getting active – while balancing a working life in education.

Gina Lockyer is connecting with educators across the country to find out why they move, how they move and what gets them moving. Prepare learn some tips and tricks, hear some extraordinary stories and get inspired!

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New major sees physical education return to University of Canterbury

Next year, 2018, will see Physical Education return to the University of Canterbury as one of a series of new majors within the popular Bachelor of Sport Coaching degree. UC has a long and proud history of developing highly respected PE teachers and this new major is an exciting initiative towards continuing that tradition.

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It’s time

NZEI Te Riu Roa National Secretary Paul Goulter says a pay jolt is needed for the education sector.

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Educators reach breaking point

Violent behaviour in primary school-aged children is becoming more severe and more frequent. In some cases violent incidents have increased by 39 percent since 2013. Some educators are at their wit’s end. The Ministry says it is responding to the increasing request s for help from schools and is putting more money into severe behaviour…

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Book challenges a narrow world view

DECOLONISATION IN AOTEAROA: EDUCATION RESEARCH AND PRACTICE Edited by Jessica Hutchings and Jenny Lee-Morgan The introduction of the book offers a challenge to thinking around Māori education and decolonisation. “The Crown continues to define and manage what it sees as important and relevant in Māori education. This book seeks to counter that narrow world view.”…

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Creativity worth fighting for

Peter O'Connor

  An extraordinary shift is taking place in China’s schools, largely unobserved by the rest of the world. One person who has noticed is Professor Peter O’Connor, an internationally recognised expert in applied theatre and drama education at The University of Auckland. O’Connor is frequently invited to South East Asia and says drama and the…

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Does your child have autism or features of autism, and sleep problems?

You may be eligible to receive treatment through the nationwide Autism and Sleep Study, being conducted through the University of Canterbury Our research is investigating (a) the effectiveness of treatments for sleep disturbance for children with (or features of) autism, and (b) the impact of successful treatment on parent and child well-being. Our research team…

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