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Pay equity changes with new government

Pay equity claims for NZEI support staff in schools and staff in early childhood have new hope with the change in Government. An early childhood teacher and a teacher aide share their stories about how pay equity would make a difference to their lives.

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Teachers need to live here too

It is a problem all over the world in cities that are expensive to live in. Public servants, including teachers, struggle to live in the place where they work. The soaring cost of housing in some of New Zealand’s most expensive towns and cities, has led some schools to come up with some creative solutions.

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Speaking out on education

When a Whanganui doctor – dressed in scrubs – protested about the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement in 2015, it opened a debate on whether professionals had the right to speak out on issues in areas in which they were experts. Kate Drury reports on speaking-out rights.

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Keeping arts on the school agenda

During the Second World War, when asked to cut arts funding in favour of the war effort Winston Churchill said: “Then what are we fighting for?” The story may be apocryphal but the sentiment is clear. Without the arts, we, as a society, are all the poorer. This series of stories looks at what is…

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Raising an Inglewood citizen

Inglewood is a community in more than one sense of the word. People know each other like any other close-knit, mainly rural community but it is a community working together to raise an “Inglewood citizen” and has established a wide-ranging Community of Learning (CoL). It was established in 2015 now includes 3500 learners from early…

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Vote for children, vote for education

Vote for Education

Every kiwi kid wants to realise their dreams and every parent wants the best for their child. And to do that; to really have the ability to reach their potential, children need to be at the centre of all that is done in the education sector. But quality public education also needs adequate funding and…

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