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Focus on pay equity

Thousands of New Zealanders work in professions—including education—that have been historically underpaid, just because they're seen as women's work. That's all set to change as women make historic pay equity claims over the coming months.

Pay equity stories: Mel’s story

24 January, 2018

“I think people see us as just performing our natural womanly instinct to care and nurture. There is a common perception that ECE is not ‘proper teaching’; that it’s just glorified child minding. I get that reaction all the time to my job and it drives me crazy. I worked my butt off to educate myself on all that theory and pedagogy. But after four years and two degrees in a BA/BTeach I graduated into a marketplace that deemed me worth the same as a data entry operator or a mail room clerk.”

Jacoline, Maryann, Mel

Pay equity stories: Maryann’s story

16 January, 2018

“I love my job.  I love seeing the children I work with achieve their goals and develop and grow. My goal is to see Support Staff and particularly TAs paid a fair wage for the work they do.”

Pay equity changes with new government

21 November, 2017

Pay equity claims for NZEI support staff in schools and staff in early childhood have new hope with the change in Government. An early childhood teacher and a teacher aide share their stories about how pay equity would make a difference to their lives.

We’re not going to take it any more!

27 October, 2017

Teachers are seeking a big pay jolt and more time to teach in next year’s primary campaign.

On the way to equal pay

20 January, 2016

Three support workers, special education, have stepped up to take a case for equal pay. Mary Jones from Masterton (centre) and Kathy Power, (left) Christchurch, are pictured here with Kristine Bartlett, the aged-care worker who fought her case all the way to the Appeal Court. Denise Tetzlaff, from Auckland, is the third NZEI member to…

EA Magazine: Summer 2018

Watch your mailbox for the Summer 2018 issue of Education Aotearoa. Here's a preview of what's in the magazine.

Jacinda Ardern – It's all about the kids

"It was the 1980s, and I saw the effects of child poverty all the time. Our babysitter got hepatitis, I remember children with no shoes and no lunch - and it was really cold in Murupara in the winter - and I remember my mother having to explain to me what suicide was when the neighbour died."

We speak with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern about child poverty, additional needs funding, and health. Read more

Hon Kelvin Davis in his Beehive office

Changes will attract te reo speakers to teaching

By EA Staff | 8 February, 2018

The new government wants more te reo in schools and centres. The work is now beginning to make that possible, writes Heeni Collins.

New hope for kids with change in leadership

By Melissa Schwalger | 8 February, 2018

The new government has a lot to do in the first 100 days, and education was an area in which it strongly campaigned. Chris Hipkins is up for the challenge writes Melissa Schwalger.

It’s time – Kua tae te wā

By EA Staff | 8 February, 2018

For the first time in many years, there is genuine optimism that the time is ripe to see teachers and principals truly valued, and released and resourced to meet the learning needs of every child. That’s why our theme for this year is “It’s time: Kua tae te wā!”